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and with attention to details Crystal Chandeliers of all sizes and styles are produced in a loving hand at Dotzauer Crystal Chandeliers for over 50 years. The use of specific materials and the use of the latest lighting technology are quality standard. You can admire the magnificent works of art around the globe in various luxury hotels, embassies, private villas, churches, museums, etc./p>
We put every room in the right light. Because only the appropriate lighting gives the unique personal touch! Manfred Dotzauer
In addition to the wide range of standard lamps, we rely on the tendency to customized lighting solutions, that are implemented according to the individual needs and wishes of our customers by our special design and project department since years. From classic Maria Theresa chandelier to complex modern light sculptures, at Dotzauer is as good as nothing impossible. Many of sparkling special models are now found in the finest hotels around the world such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Jeddah Hilton Hotel & Resort in Saudi Arabia, Grand Lisboa in Macau or Atlantis The Palm in Dubai again. This is where the individuality of the products as well as flexible and personal service are particularly important. Especially in the Near and Middle East, but also in Asia Dotzauer since become one of the best known and most competent partner for fine crystal chandeliers. In Europe and in the domestic market, the company can come up with smaller, but even though very prestigious projects. Well-known architects such as Dr.hc. W. Hildebrand and Prof. Hans Hollein trust years of experience of lighting manufacturing in the development and implementation of lighting systems in the context of their projects. A beautiful example of this is designed by Prof. Hollein for the Café Atelier in Vienna at the Albertina. But also many local hotels such as the Hotel de France, Hotel Bristol and the Hotel Imperial in Vienna count to Dotzauer customers since many years. The symbiosis of light and crystal fascinated people for centuries and pulls her spell. Our aim is to re-set every new lighting model, the magic that assumes again in scene.


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