We are looking for Freelancers 💙💛

We are looking for Freelancers from Ukraine

We are looking for Freelancers from Ukraine

We would like to offer jobs for freelancers from Ukraine who are currently without any income. Work can be done remotely or if you are in Vienna, Austria at our Manufactory. Transports can be arranged if needed. Pets are welcome too.

Who we are?

We are a family enterprise manufacturing chandeliers and lamps in our own manufactory since 1964. At our workshops in Brunn am Gebirge (next to Vienna) we are producing all kinds of decorative lighting with brass, iron and also aluminium. Any surface treatment will be done externally but all the rest in house again. Assembly of all electrical components as well as pinning of all crystals if necessary is done by our own staff. Our chandeliers are traditionally handmade but of course we have entered to digital era as well.

Why are we doing this?

In times like these most of us have been speechless and overwhelmed by the cruel things happened. But we have to go on and keep things moving. We know that for many Ukrainians this is not possible. So we are trying to help not with any donations but we work which has to be done. If we try our best to keep as many people in the business, it will help all of us. Together we can make things happen is this is just a start.

Whom we are looking for?

We are currently looking for Freelancers from Ukraine with following skills:

  • Product Designers
  • Web Shop Developers
  • Rendering Specialists

Product Designers for any new type of lamp, re-use of traditional design and transformation to a new interpretation of classic lighting. Web Shop Developers to boost our WooCommerce driven ecommerce initiative. Graphic skills to make sure our chandeliers shine bright like a diamond. Rendering specialists to invent new use cases for our decorative lighting and bring new ideas to our digital outpost in the internet.

To get an idea have a look at our Online Shop.

We are waiting for you

Please send your application to Mr. Jochen Gold (Managing Director). We will try to offer as many jobs as possible. In the meantime we wish you all the best and hope that

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Um Sie persönlich beraten zu können, vereinbaren sie gerne einen Termin per Telefon, WhatsApp oder Email. 


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